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Good god why is this cracking me up so much

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Take away the sensation inside
Bittersweet migraine in my head
It’s like a throbbing toothache of the mind
I can’t take this feeling anymore

Drain the pressure from the swelling,
This sensation’s overwhelming,
Give me a long kiss goodnight
And everything will be alright
Tell me that I won’t feel a thing
So give me Novacaine


Jiro Ono’s second son, Takashi, talks about his restaurant, the Roppongi Hills. He opened it shortly after his father blessed the endeavor. His elder brother, Yoshikazu, will inherit the Sukiyabashi Jiro. Not featured: the brothers’ anecdote about sharing their first can of coke.  

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)
dir. David Gelb


Once you decide upon an occupation, you have to immerse yourself in it. If you don’t fall in love with your work, you won’t be successful. So you can’t always be saying, “This is no good, this doesn’t work…”. I don’t think you can be successful like that. You’ve got to dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That’s the key to success, the key to being regarded honourably.